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My background

My growing up years were lived with my family in a little suburb 20 min. from Detroit. After college I volunteered with the Jesuit Volunteer Corp. and taught children assessed with dyslexia at the Hindman Settlement School in  Appalachia. Before raising my own family, I taught a Pre-K grant program for HeadStart. 

Living along the banks of the peaceful River Raisin has blessed my family with many opportunities to experience nature. Each season brings new adventures for my husband, myself and our four children.

While raising my family, I have continued to write stories, songs, thoughts and prayers, saving each one for just the right time to share.    1 Timothy 1:14 (favorite bible verse)

My writing roots

Even as a young girl, I kept a journal. Reading was my total escape. My favorite books were historical fiction, especially all of the Little House on the Prairie books.

I've always enjoyed reading children's books as a teacher and a mom.  I began writing my first children's story when my oldest son was only 2 yrs. old.  That was a long time ago... 

My style

My approach to writing is simple.  Pen, paper and an inspiration that leads to an idea.  Once I have a basic story, I type it so it's easier to revise.  Yep, I said it kids. Revise. Again and again and again till your brain feels like mush. Mush is good, right?

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